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Meet the humans.

Business is a relational exercise. If it were an
Olympic sport, we'd be gold medalists.



The middle of 3 girls in a limited fund family, which likely led to her deep desire for fairness and knack for peacekeeping; Amanda started hustling at 14 and has never stopped. Her capacity for managing high volumes of work with an upbeat attitude and quick wit makes us wonder if she is part machine. Her tween-age sons and endearing husband rely on this. She is beauty, she is grace, she cannot be replaced.

Inspired By

kindness, Spotify playlists, and memes



A sixth generation farm kid, the oldest of three children, and the first to leave the farm, Andrew cultivated a different life where the fruit of his labor sprouts from within people instead of out of the ground. Evidenced by his beautiful family, he has a unique skill for assembling groups of people and helping them use their talents to bring new ideas into the world.

Inspired By

learning something new almost daily, watching my kids transition into young adulthood, loving my wife, beautiful places, and a really well made Manhattan


Chief of Staff

The proud matriarch of an evenly sliced family (two sons, two daughters and one great husband), Erin lives her best life out of Northern Virginia. She displays the cherished skill of being a life-long learner, always up for any challenge.

Inspired By

some G's: God, good coffee, gorgeous beach views, and great food


Creative Director

A (new) mama to her son Coen, co-created by her witty and creative husband, Britt has a heart with an unlimited capacity for love. Which could be why she's up to four rescued fur children. Her heart drives her passion for the work, making her a dedicated resource and creative powerhouse.

Inspired By

every day beauty: well-designed space, great outfits, challenging workouts, or a walk with a friend



Knowing Rachel is understanding the meaning of “everything’s bigger in Texas.” Hailing from the great state of Texas, Rachel makes everything bigger and better: ideas, conversations, flower beds, fun. As a mom of four and wife of 20+ years she sees how words build a world, and then gets to work.

Inspired By

learning new things, travel, and the 80-year-old women who school me in tennis every Wednesday morning.


Senior Design Manager

Born from a family of introverts and neat freaks in Northern Kentucky, Sarah grew up intrinsically understanding the value of clarity, intention, and connection. She found those flavors in the world of design and brings a passion for organization and style to her work every day.

Inspired By

gratitude, fashion, interiors, and intentionally made things


Chief Solutions Architect

A master of taking complex subjects and simplifying them without losing their depth and function, Christopher de-complicates digital experiences for both users and clients. Father of two proudly partnered the most generous person he’s ever met, he runs on cleaning products and Chuy’s.

Inspired By

hitting the apex perfectly in a sharp corner, playing fetch with pretty much any dog, and watching his family tubing in the middle of summer


Senior Strategist

The middle child of 5 daughters, humbly raised on the west side of Cincinnati, it feels like Lindsey's whole life has been training for listening to and noticing others' needs. She is a pair of eyes, ears, and hands for collaboration, building strategies while cracking jokes.

Inspired By

punchy poems, clever greeting cards, sunny days and midnight coffees